RFSS u Svetskoj Rafting Organizaciji

Posted on Nov 27, 2018

U 2018. godini postali smo članovi i jedni od osnivača nove Svetske Rafting Federacije (WRF). Povodom toga zabeležen je i intervju sa predsednikom Rafting Saveza Srbije Borisom Purjakovim…


On April 30, 2018 the World Rafting Federation was accepted into the International Canoe-KayakFederation, which is a member of the International Olympic Committee. This is the second step,the sport rafting is doing, along the path to Olympus, and will cause great inspiration and a strong impetus in its development and, accordingly– will attract thousandsof  new lovers of white water emotions. The thirdstep is the recognition as an Olympic sport by IOC.

This shared Boris Purjakov, vice president an done of the founders of the World Rafting Federation (WRF), established in Belgrade on January 26, 2018. He is a chairman of the Serbian rafting federation and one of the highest ranking international judges in rafting. 

– Why did you choose to break off from the International Rafting Federation (IRF)?

– We have been trying to give new directions to IRF for years. But its leadership refused to accept our ideas. Therefore we decided to make our federation and to work according to our understanding.

– What did you dislike in IRF style of government?

– The lack of democracy. In this federation one person can occupy 5 positions without a problem. And for many years. Unlike them we want more people, especially more young people, to be involved in the management and in the near future the rafting to become Olympic sport – that’s our big goal for the time being. We know that the IOC is open to new sports, so we have a great desire to join up.

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